Glitter & Spice

Teething might be ugly, but the solution doesn't have to be. Who said you can't have both style & function! 

Inspired to find a teething solution that was safe yet stylish when their youngest started teething, they created Glitter & Spice Accessories Inc. for modern day parents that are safe and fun for babies to chew.

What Makes Glitter & Spice Teething Accessories So Great?

➳ Handcrafted
➳ Stylish & chic designs
➳ Soft texture feels good on sore, teething gums
➳ Provides visual & tactile stimulation for babies 
➳ Many moms find our jewelry helpful to keep baby focused on nursing
➳ Breakaway safety clasp for those strong babies who like to pull
➳ Washable with soap and water
➳ Dishwasher Safe/Freezer Safe

High quality products that are free from nasty chemicals:

➳ 100% Food Grade Silicone
➳ BPA Free
➳ No Phthalates
➳ No Lead
➳ No PVCs
➳ Organic untreated wood

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